first #lwac twitter discussion – 06/21/11, 8 PM CST

The first Living With Asthma Chat twitter discussion will be tomorrow, June 21 at 8 pm Central time!

Our theme for tomorrow’s chat will be ASTHMA ADVOCACY.

Remember, though we’re discussing things we’re passionate about and are usually kinda serious in nature, please remember to have FUN with these chats! :] ‘Cause people with asthma are badasses and such. True story. Goofiness is fully allowed, such as how I’m deciding that all my inhalers need to be replaced with cupcakes with curing powers.

If you have ideas for future discussion topics, please let me know! Anything that’s on your heart!



Welcome to the future home of the Living With Asthma chats or #LWAC — a twitter chat to discuss issues pertinent to those living with asthma, parents and caregivers of children with asthma and asthma advocates.

#LWAC will be moderated with a set theme and discussion topics related to that theme presented by a moderator.  It will take place for an hour on a pre-determined schedule which is to be determined.

Theme or discussion topic ideas can be submitted to  Follow @lwachat on Twitter to see updates as they unfold.

Looking forward to seeing you there and growing a community of those passionate for change!